Atkins Diet: Low Carb Fried Chicken

In this cooking video, I detail how to make one of my staples of the diet — low carb fried chicken. You don’t have to give up the joy of fried chicken, and contrary to low fat diets, you can eat the skin too! I have fried chicken at least once a week almost. Chicken has a great amount of protein as well as delicious fat in the skin. I display 2 of the 3 methods that are among the acceptable coatings for chicken or chicken-fried foods (like Country Fried Steaks):

* Parmesan Cheese – Induction friendly

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* Carbquik breading — I typically buy mine from Netrition or Amazon.
* Crushed Pork Rinds. ** not shown Just run the pork rinds through a food processor to crush the rinds into smaller pieces. You would be surprised by how tasty this is, and how little pork rinds flavor there is remaining. I had intended to show this method as well, but Wal-mart wasn’t selling them anymore.

Here is the recipe for the breading:
* 1 cup of Carbquik flour
* 2 TBS Paprika
* 1 TBS Black Pepper
* Dashes of Cayenne Pepper, Chili Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Poultry Seasoning

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Duration : 0:10:32

[youtube ExEc9j_GJ5Y]


  1. bowulf

    If all the …
    If all the ingredients are on the acceptable foods list, yes. If there are ingredients that are not on the list, then no — remember one cup of tomato (other vegetable) per day, and count your carbs..

  2. atlmycity2

    Can i eat tomatoes …
    Can i eat tomatoes soup if i just take out the potatoes out?

  3. bowulf

    No. If it is not …
    No. If it is not on the acceptable foods list, then it is forbidden.

  4. atlmycity2

    Can i eat Ritz …
    Can i eat Ritz crackers, on induction week? even if its only 3/4 crackers?

  5. julabi

    hey man thanks for …
    hey man thanks for this recipe

  6. stuprestonexperience

    @bowulf Thanks, …
    @bowulf Thanks, keep watching your vids for inspiration and support, keep up the good work mate!

  7. bowulf

    Congrats! That is …
    Congrats! That is an awesome first week to be proud of. Keep up the great work!

  8. stuprestonexperience

    @bowulf Cheers, i`m …
    @bowulf Cheers, i`m going out and getting a fryer this weekend, been on atkins for a week and a half now and i`ve lost 14pounds already!

  9. bowulf

    Using Parmesan …
    Using Parmesan cheese or pork rinds coating, it can be an every day thing. It is totally up to you.

    I am not a big fan of canola oil as it used to be industrial oil before they discovered it was low in unsaturated fats. Vegetable (soy), corn, or peanut are fine to fry in.

  10. kim24may

    how often can i eat …
    how often can i eat this fried chicken while on induction and is vegetable,or canola oil bad to use?

  11. bowulf

    You have to read …
    You have to read the ingredients. After Induction however, you can add it back into your diet during the OWL phase, and see how it affects your weight loss.

  12. bowulf

    I find my ketone …
    I find my ketone strips at Wal-mart and Walgreen’s near the pharmacist section.

  13. bowulf

    No to regular …
    No to regular ketchup, but yes to Heinz one carb ketchup.

  14. bowulf

    Sorry for the …
    Sorry for the lateness of the reply, I use corn, coconut, and olive oil primarily, but prefer peanut oil for frying. It’s just expensive and not always within the budget.

  15. buggout9010

    There is a chinese …
    There is a chinese condiment I LOVE! Its called Siracha and it has only 1 gram of carb. BUt under the list of ingredients it says it has sugar. Do I need to read the list of ingredients or could I just read the label?

  16. buggout9010

    HEy you might of …
    HEy you might of seen a couple of the same comments I didnt know if it went through. I can’t seem to find the ketonis strips do you have any suggestions?

  17. buggout9010

    can I use heinz …
    can I use heinz ketchup?

  18. buggout9010

    HEy I am in the …
    HEy I am in the induction phase can I eat heinz ketchup?

  19. stuprestonexperience

    What oil do you use …
    What oil do you use, can you use any oil for low carb???

  20. nclabtech1

    I fixed the fried …
    I fixed the fried chicken for my family tonight, and they loved it! I did too. I have been on Induction for a month and have lost 25 pounds, will I continue to loose at this rate if I stay on Induction for 6 months? I have almost 90 more pounds to go.

  21. bowulf

    Stay tuned, there …
    Stay tuned, there is another favorite recipe being posted tonight or tomorrow.

  22. nclabtech1

    I am glad to hear …
    I am glad to hear it doesn’t dry out, alot of the chicken I have baked so far has ended up that way. In order to keep my hubby on this way of eating I need great recipes like the one’s you have on here!!

  23. bowulf

    If I can be on a …
    If I can be on a diet and still eat delicious crispy fried chicken and Buffalo wings and still lose weight, I found the right one for me. Either way you make it, it is a great way to eat juicy, not-dried out chicken.

  24. nclabtech1

    I am excited to try …
    I am excited to try this recipe for chicken!!

  25. bowulf

    Hey you are through …
    Hey you are through what most consider the worst part. Now it is just proving you can do it over awhile. If you have any questions just let me know.

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