Atkins Diet: Acceptable Low Carb Sweeteners

In this video, I give my perspective on the acceptable sweeteners for those following a low carb diet. A number of new sweeteners have hit the market since Dr. Atkins wrote his book, and while I don’t presume to talk for him, I am giving my perspective on the sweeteners on the market based upon personal experience and meta-analysis of the experts in the field. As with most things, your experience may differ from mine or the norm, and you may be able to consume a particular sweetener and have no side effects and continue to lose weight at the rate expected.
One final note — one thing Dr. Atkins said was our food should be as unprocessed as possible, and that we should shop the exterior of the grocery store. Most of the foods sweetened with these items are in the middle or a special health food section. The vast majority of your food on the Atkins Diet should be regular food with natural ingredients. Each day or even meal does not need a dessert to cap it off.

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Acceptable Sweeteners:
* Splenda (sucralose) – granulated or liquid form ( )
* Saccharin
* Stevia – Natural
* Rebiana extract ( )
* Oligofructose / Inulin ( —
* Inulin works just like fiber and is made out of plants like chicory root and isn’t digested like other starches, it isn’t absorbed, so it doesn’t have an effect on blood sugar.
* Inulin (IN-yoo-lin) is used as a test to help diagnose problems or disease of the kidneys. Inulin passes out of the body entirely in the urine. Measuring the amount of inulin in the blood after it has been given can help the doctor determine if the kidneys are working properly.
* Ace K
Less acceptable or Unacceptable Sweeteners:
– Polyols (Sugar Alcohol) like maltitol and sorbitol
– count against net carbs
– are able to be converted in varying degrees to glucose
– from better to worse (Erythritol .2 Cal/gram)- Xylitol – Isomalt – Sorbitol (2.6C/g) – Mannitol Maltitol (2.1C/g))
The reason that sugar alcohols provide fewer calories than sugar is because they are not completed absorbed in our body. For this reason, high intakes of foods containing some sugar alcohols can lead to abdominal gas and diarrhea. Any foods that contain sorbitol or mannitol must include a warning on their label that “excess consumption may have a laxative effect.”
– Aspartame – Causes Stalls, Cephalic Insulin Reactions (YMMV)
– Blue Agave Syrup (Lower GI, but extremely high fructose)
Dr. Michael EADES: Be aware that agave nectar is mainly fructose, which is not only caloric, but a lipogenic sugar and fraught with problems for an insulin-resistant body. It doesnt run insulin up, of course, but it does promote insulin resistance if not used sparingly.
“Perhaps because of needing to be metabolized in the liver, fructose causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, making the livers even of teetotalers look and function like those of long-term alcoholics. Fructose is implicated in metabolic syndrome — you know, carbohydrate intolerance, the thing we’re all fighting. Repeated studies demonstrate that fructose raises triglycerides like nothing else. And there are some studies that indicate that the stuff is uniquely fattening. ”
The glycemic index does not address other metabolic issues related to excess sugar consumption. Prominent among these issues is the use of low glycemic index sweeteners, particularly fructose, which is increasingly present in processed food. Fructose is associated with increased adiposity, which may result from its effects on hormones associated with satiety
– Honey – extremely high fructose
See above comments on Agave Nectar
– Whey Low – Lactose ( Ingredients: Sucrose, Fructose, Lactose (all simple sugars)
Others combine unaccepable ingredients with acceptable ones:
* Sun Crystals – mixed Stevia with Sugar
* Splenda Baking Mixes- mixed 50-50 with sugar
* Splenda w/ Fiber – additional carbs (more than regular Splenda) and added corn fiber (not acceptable for Induction)

Duration : 0:8:17

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  1. bowulf

    @budsa11 No …
    @budsa11 No obnoxious and unpleasant is:
    “actually this alone should tell you alot about the diet and its followers”
    “this is unbelievable a diet recommending processed food like this.”

    There is one Internet troll here. Have a nice life with your “pissing on a nun” video, but you can do it elsewhere.

  2. budsa11

    @bowulf you seem a …
    @bowulf you seem a very obnoxious and unpleasant individual with the intellectual capacity of a small field mouse, why you so mad?

  3. bowulf

    @budsa11 Promotes …
    @budsa11 Promotes vs. allows is a big difference.

    Your inability to actually understand that which you complain against should be evidence enough that you have no clue what you are talking about. As for long term, is 7 years long enough? Or how about my friends’ reports of being on it 10,15, 20 years? The recividism on low carb diet is actually better than other diets, or said differently less people fail on low carb diets long term than other diets studied.

    Check out my video for links.

  4. budsa11

    people you need to …
    people you need to beware of any diet that promotes the use of artificial sweeteners. actually this alone should tell you alot about the diet and its followers
    Any book that recommends unlimited amounts of meat, butter, and eggs, as this one does, in my opinion is dangerous. The author who makes the suggestion is guilty of malpractice, any good diet is one you can stay on for the long term 85% of people last 2 weeks on Atkins, we need to get real.

  5. bowulf

    @SodaWaterification …
    @SodaWaterification Yes, but I am blood type AB+, which according to the blood type diet means I do best on pasta-rice diet. THat absolutely was not the right diet for me.

  6. SodaWaterification

    @bowulf Oh I am …
    @bowulf Oh I am sensitive to carbs! To the point of heart palpitations and everything. My point is that there are certain carbs restricted in the atkins plan that are neutral to all blood types. I’m not saying atkins doesn’t work or can’t be good..I just like to get people’s attention about the blood type diet because the reason atkins works for so many people is because most people are blood type O and NEED a high protein diet.

  7. bowulf

    @SodaWaterification …
    @SodaWaterification What is nonsense? That a different plan worked well for other people that you are unwilling to do? That other people are sensitive to carbs where you are not? That while you are able to have your blood glucose and insulin release go through roller coasters that others may not?

    What phase of the diet do you not have carbs? I would suggest you actually understand what the diet is first, and then perhaps you can complain with some legitimacy.

  8. SodaWaterification

    This is NONSENSE! …
    This is NONSENSE! You can still lose massive weight eating rice and using agave or 100% maple syrup as a sweetener. NO CORN SYRUP NO WHEAT!! I follow the blood type diet. You can lose massive weight and still have carbs, just certain ones. I eat white rice and everything, bake cakes with rice flours..still lose weight!

  9. westerp

    About the use of …
    About the use of the word natural. When this word comes along some people might get the impression that they can use a lot more of it. Many poisons are all natural occuring.

    I actually use most of the liquid cyclamate/saccharin since it is mostly water and a whole bottle, which I manage to use in 3 months or so, has less carbs than a tea spoon of Granulated Splenda (because of the bulking agent). For use like sugar I use Erythritol since it feels like sugar when chewing it

  10. AshlfGifscsr

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  11. bowulf

    @jvarela965 Do a …
    @jvarela965 Do a search at Linda’s low carb for “no carb Jello.” It’d take you to one sweetened with Splenda.

  12. jvarela965

    :( I have been …
    :( I have been eating about 5 small cups of sugar free jello from Walmart and just noticed these little bad boys have ASPARATIME. Know any Sugar Free Jello I can buy or make that does not?

  13. bowulf

    @anurre5 I’ve never …
    @anurre5 I’ve never tried coconut sugar, so that would be interesting. I wonder what its compositional breakdown is. If it’s fructose, I would stay away as that has the same problems as honey or other fructose sweeteners would have.

    For the most part, I am of the opinion that all sweeteners should be limited, and each should be guided by their own reactions. For me, Splenda is fine, but fully grant that others may have reactions to it. I have read some ppl reacting to Stevia soda too.

  14. anurre5

    I think we need to …
    I think we need to stay away from sweeteners that are not natural. Stevia is the best. Also dates and coconut sugar are great. Coconut sugar is very low glycemic.

  15. bowulf

    @gigimari66 It …
    @gigimari66 It depends on the type of agave sweetener. Blue agave nectar can be made from the same plants as agave tequilana. Tequila is technically a subset Mezcal, which refers to any agave cactii-derived plant of which there are many species.

  16. gigimari66

    Correction: Agave …
    Correction: Agave sweetener is not derived from the same plant that Tequila is. Several different species of agave are allowed for use in the production of mescal, an alcohol similar to, yet quite different than tequila, and these other species of agave are used to make most agave syrups.

  17. bowulf

    @bowulf In either …
    @bowulf In either case — insulin release or not ketosis would still occur as fat would still be the primary source for fuel. The insulin release would however enable the storage of excess fat on the body.

  18. bowulf

    @Freedish911 In …
    @Freedish911 In rats, sucralose does. However in the only human-study, I can find on the topic:
    Effect of the artificial sweetener, sucralose, on gastric emptying and incretin hormone release in healthy subjects
    Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2009 April; 296(4)
    bit DOT ly SLASH cJYyAD

    They found that the equivalent of 1.5 can of diet soda with Splenda and 150 cans’ dose had no effect on the subject’s plasma insulin levels.

  19. Freedish911

    Maybe an …

    Maybe an insulin spike would be worse from real sugar, I’m not 100% sure, but even if that were true, you still can’t deny that artificial sugars do spike your insulin somewhat. (except Xylitol). Now I would also like to see some of these sweeteners raise your insulin enough to kick a person out of ketosis.

  20. bowulf

    @Freedish911 Let’s …
    @Freedish911 Let’s see a blood glucose spike from real sugar, which exacerbates hunger pangs or non-impactful event from erythritol, saccharin, or Splenda, I’ll take the latter.

  21. bowulf

    @Freedish911 I …
    @Freedish911 I think he did pretty extensive research in his own clinics on this topic. Splenda and saccharin in his clinics was shown to be less a factor for this cephalic insulin release than aspartame did. He treated thousands of patients over the 30+ years in his clinics using a variety of sweeteners.

    So what new studies have been released since 2003 on artificial sweeteners?

  22. Freedish911


    correction, for now it can be said xylitol doesn’t create an insulin spike in because it is classified as a “sugar alcohol” . These types of sugars are partially absorbed and released into the blood stream… a lot slower than regular sugars. However it seems to give most people bad diarrhea. Now your dealing with dehydration and IBS which is probably worse than an insulin spike unless your a diabetic. I’d stick to real sugar if your really craving it that bad.

  23. Freedish911

    lack of …

    lack of calories don’t result in fat loss unless your limiting your calories by limiting carbs also. Limiting calories will tell your body to down regulate your metabolism…Simply put, if you eat less, you have less energy and burn less calories. If you eat a caloric deficit for long enough your metabolism and energy levels will adjust to compensate. By the way fruit also spikes insulin. Insulin is the hormone that directs your body to store calories as fat. Do some research.

  24. Freedish911

    Sorry but this is …
    Sorry but this is baloney. Dr.Atkins was very knowledgeable about this diet except when it came to artificial sweetners because there wasn’t enough scientific research when he wrote the book. It’s been proven that even simply touching a sweet flavour to the tip of your tongue can create an insulin response. we all know insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store fat. Sorry but there are no “acceptable artificial sweetners” unless you want to store fat.

  25. LemooreDiamond

    @Bonnie90505 I …
    @Bonnie90505 I think red 40 is squished bugs!!! The buig is called Cochineal.

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